Reporting on human rights & sustainability remains “troublingly poor”, research on 1000 European companies finds

New research by the Alliance for Corporate Transparency, analysing the information disclosed by 1000 European companies on their environmental and social impacts under the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive, finds that the quality of reporting remains “troubling[ly] poor”.

Key findings include

  • Disclosure focuses on general policies and commitments with the majority failing to provide concrete and specific information on targets, policy outcomes and risks and impacts
  • Only 1 out of 5 described their human rights due diligence process
  • Only 13.9% report on alignment of their climate targets with the Paris agreement goals.

The poor quality of company reporting also hinders efforts to scale up sustainable finance as investors do not have reliable information on which to base investment decisions.

The release of the research comes as the EU Commission initiates the process to reform the law.

More information including the research report is available below. Click here to explore an open database with full research

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